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Create performance objectives and learning outcomes (depending on your philosophy of learning—e.g., constructivist or behaviorist) for the chosen lesson. 1. In a Word document, list 3–6 performance/learning objectives that you want your learners or clients to demonstrate before they can achieve a level of competence for this particular unit lesson. The listed objectives must describe a specific performance or action that you want your learners or clients to accomplish after completing the assigned tasks. Note that the action items or objectives must be measurable. Explain why you believe these objectives are appropriate for the chosen lesson. 2. List learning objectives for each outcomes you selected. Explain how the learning objectives support achieving the listed outcomes . 3. Again, remember this is for a lesson and not a course or unit so you may want to scale this back. Performance objectives describe the specific performance that you would want each learner to be able to demonstrate before you consider them competent. They should be stated as such. See the example of how to write a good objective on page 95 of your text. These are more like goals—they are more general—less observable. Remember that specific objectives have demonstrable outcomes. See sample on p. 90 of your text. In order to write learning objectives, designers must create performance objectives—which are a description of what the learner can demonstrate competently at the conclusion of instruction. These objectives are the intended learning outcomes of each instructional activity. You will be familiar with the views and ideas of a few of the leading instructional design theorists of our time and into the future. 4.Please use the following headings in the body of your paper: -Lesson Objectives -Why Selected Lesson Objectives are Appropriate for Chosen Lesson -Learning Objective for each Outcome -How Learning Objectives Support each Outcome Papers should include three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.Please remember this is a phd level assignment be professional and remember to reference and cite all sources

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