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Bibliographic Report and Research Tracker

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Project Objective

Create an annotated bibliographic report to meet an assignment from your supervisor after first creating and using a research tracker.  These are two separate submissions.


As a new member of a team at a large organization you are assigned the task of creating an annotated bibliography of authoritative resources related to the name of the class you are receiving funding to complete this term. Include name of our class!

Your final deliverable will be a report with the title of our class, headings describing the purpose and work related value of your project, and concluding with the annotated bibliography. You will benefit from weekly discussions, sharing of resources, and submissions in the assignment folder during the course as a component of your weekly learning report where you may also submit updates of your work.

The first part of the assignment is the research tracker. It should include all research conducted.  It should follow the sample format presented below.


 The research tracker can be in either Word or Excel.  It may not be as complete as the annotated bibliography as it will be evaluated separately based on its usefulness as a step to completing the annotated bibliography.

Submit the annotated bibliography as a WORD document.


The written communication aspect of this assignment includes the following areas:

  • assignment management
  • organization and structure
  • evidence and arguments
  • readability, style, and mechanics
  • presentation

Sample Research Tracker 

 The research tracker should be a columnar document. Omit the word “sample” in your actual submission. Examples are provided below.

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