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  • Medical Terminology class:

Take a look at the cleaning, hygiene, and beauty products you have in your home or at your local drug store. What medical terms or elements of medical terms that we have learned in class do you see? Share a term you find. Break down the term. How does the medical term relate to the function of the product? Why might manufacturers incorporate medical terminology elements into titles and descriptions of products? See attached files MT chapter 1,2,3,4,5 ppt doc

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  • math class:

In 1-2 Paragraphs please answer the following questions?

I would like you to recall a time in life where you gave it 100% and you were not successful. How did that feel? Did it stop you or did it make you stronger?

If you have not had a time like this, then I want you to focus on the following question, ‘is good, good enough?

  • BIO 100 question, just one page. Answer it.

Pick any muscle. List the action of that muscle (e.g. extension, flexion, adduction, abduction) and what exercises you’d perform to work-out that muscle.

You can pick the same muscle as someone else but pick different ways to work out the same muscle.

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