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5 best options for graduates with a business management degree

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A bachelor’s in business management degree is exactly what many students need to advance their careers and take them to the next level. A bachelor’s degree in business administration provides students with a broad understanding of all aspects of a company, including accounting, operations, marketing, human resources, and more. Business management coursework aims to provide students with knowledge and experience in the broad areas of business that will be useful in their future careers.

Many students, however, are unsure about the types of jobs they can get with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Before you graduate with a bachelor’s degree, it’s critical to understand your job alternatives so you know what you want to do in the long run.

A business management degree is a flexible degree program that can prepare you for a range of careers in a variety of industries. Because business principles are used by every sector and company to run, you can work in almost any industry with a business management degree. The following are some of the most common industries for business management:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Non-profit
  • Government
  • Private companies

This business management degree course will open several doors for you. You can work in the industry and position that you want to work in, and you can use your business skills to further your career and help a firm thrive.

Employers place a great value on bachelor’s degree graduates, and many job openings will require a bachelor’s degree to be considered competent. Recruiters and directors in any field can recognize the worth of a business management bachelor of science degree graduate.

Although a bachelor of science can help advance your career in a variety of ways, there still are a few common job routes that many graduates pursue with this degree. The following are some of the greatest and most well-known business management careers:

1. Sales rep.

A business management degree might assist you in becoming a sales representative or even a sales manager. Sales reps offer services or goods directly to customers and then manage the relationship to ensure that their demands are met. Thousands of businesses employ salespeople whose sole purpose is to bring their product or service in front of as many people as possible. Some salespeople offer a product directly, such as automobiles or furnishings. Other salespeople are in charge of selling software or consulting services. Other salespeople may provide more abstract services such as online ad space or sponsorship possibilities.

Salespeople use their business management degrees to gain a better understanding of finance, marketing, and company strategy. This degree, as well as what they study in their courses, enables them to create connections and speak authoritatively about their product, business performance, and other topics. A sales representative’s average annual pay is around $57,000; however, this figure varies significantly. How much you can earn is directly influenced by the size of the company you work for, the product or service you are selling, and the commission you may receive on sales.

As a sales representative, having a higher education degree might also help you earn more money. Over 20,000 new sales representative positions are anticipated to open in the United States by 2028. A job in sales might be a perfect fit for you if you’re pursuing a business management degree. Your curriculum will provide you with financial, accounting, and marketing expertise, which will benefit you as a salesperson.

business management degree

business management degree

2. Operations Manager.

A business operations manager is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of a company. They examine all of the systems and processes and assist in determining the best course of action. They seek out cost-effective solutions, organize a firm, and monitor how everything functions together. In a manufacturing business, for example, the operations manager will look at the labour schedule, the product creation process, and the storage and distribution organization system, and assist in guarantee that all of these processes function smoothly.

They might assist in the development and implementation of a new worker scheduling system, as well as the organization of the best method to get all of the work done effectively.An operations manager’s average annual pay is about $90,000, although it can range from $45,000 to $200,000. The size of the company you work for and the complexity of their system will have a big impact on your compensation. Your job title will also affect how much money you may make; there are business operations specialists up to Chief Operating Officers, and the several positions in between will all pay differently.

By 2028, this field is anticipated to expand at a rate of around 7%, somewhat faster than the national average.A business management degree can be a valuable tool in preparing you for this interesting professional path. A degree in business administration will provide you with broad expertise in accounting, finance, operations, and strategy, all of which will be useful in your career.

business management degree

business management degree

3. Banker.

Several banking professions are suitable for graduates with a business management degree. For individuals with a business management degree, investment banking, personal banking, wealth management, and even bank management are all viable options. Bankers can work for big investment organizations or for small enterprises and people that utilize personal banks. Personal bankers help customers with investments, financial requirements, mortgages, and vehicle loans, among other things. Commercial bankers are responsible for assisting firms in opening accounts, obtaining loans, managing their finances, and more. Investment bankers mostly assist major corporations in raising financing and adhering to regulatory requirements.

For a fee, they examine the best methods to invest and assist businesses in doing so in a financially healthy manner. If you have a business management degree, you can pursue any of these banking job options. Your compensation will be largely influenced by the type of banking you pick. Personal bankers earn an average of $40,000 per year, commercial bankers approximately $95,000, and investment bankers more than $100,000. This is very dependent on where you work, the kind of clients you deal with, and other factors. Your degree may also enable you to make more money.

Financial services, such as banking, are anticipated to expand at roughly the same rate as the national average by 2028, according to the BLS. Accounting and finance will be emphasized in business management degrees since they will be critical in preparing you for a banking job.


4. Financial advisor.

Individuals may learn about their investments, insurance, and retirement alternatives with the aid of financial counselors. They frequently work for non-profit organizations, assisting customers in learning about their investment possibilities, insurance plans, and other topics. Clients give them money, and they assist them to invest it in mutual funds, CDs, stock market transactions, and other options. They provide clients with frequent reports and updates on how their money is working.

They are in charge of finding suitable investment prospects, as well as assisting customers in understanding insurance and retirement choices. Financial advisers earn an average of $59,000 per year, with the top 10% in the field earning more than $110,000 per year. Because financial advisers sometimes work on commission, their pay is determined by the number of customers they have. By 2028, the profession is anticipated to expand at a rate of 7%, which is somewhat faster than the national average.

A job in business management is great for financial advisers since it will teach them about money and provide them with techniques for acquiring new customers and keeping in touch with them. A business management degree program can help you prepare for this job by providing you with accounting, economics, and finance courses.

business management degree

business management degree

5. Manager.

Management is responsible for keeping a firm organized and efficient. Managers frequently hire and train new staff, arrange schedules, deliver reports and presentations to higher-level executives to demonstrate how a firm is functioning, organize team meetings to boost morale and productivity and develop and monitor organizational budgets. Managers may be in charge of a single department or team, or they may be in charge of an entire branch or region.

Every sector needs managers to maintain a hierarchical structure, therefore any subject in which you are interested may include management chances. The average yearly pay for managers is $56,000, however, this might differ. Your income is influenced by your degree of education, the number of people you manage, and the size of your company. Managers are constantly in demand in businesses; therefore, this sector has a bright future.

If you want to be a manager, you should choose a profession in which you are interested and get expertise in that industry so that you may advance. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or management is a good place to start, but you may require a master’s degree in management or business administration to be better competent to lead a team. Human resources, strategy, and operations coursework may all help you manage your marketing coursework more successfully.

If you have been considering obtaining a business management degree, you’ll have a variety of interesting job options following graduation. A business management degree provides you with the credibility, abilities, and credentials you need to thrive in your career. A business management degree is an excellent choice for students who want to work in a variety of sectors and areas since it provides them with the business knowledge they’ll need to succeed.

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