C++ Reading and Writing to Files

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Plan and code a program utilizing one file for input and one file for output to solve the following problem: A file contains 7 numbers per line and contains several records. Write a program to input each of the numbers, find the highest number, the lowest number, their total and average. Output the numbers, the highest, lowest, total and average for each set of 7 numbers to another file.


7 numbers from each record in the input file. Use the data file designated by your instructor.


The 7 numbers, the highest, the lowest, their total, and average for each set of 7 numbers


Label all output clearly. Be sure your output file contains headings and labels for all the calculations in addition to the results of your program processing. Create the data file below using your text editor or Notepad

Data File:

346 130 982 90 656 117 595

415 948 126 4 558 571 87

42 360 412 721 463 47 119

441 190 985 214 509 2 571

77 81 681 651 995 93 74

310 9 995 561 92 14 288

466 664 892 8 766 34 639

151 64 98 813 67 834 369

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