Calculate the phenotypes for f1 and f2 progeny for each of the following crosses.

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Genetic Inheritance Format for Exp. 1

Typed Genetic Inheritance report must be in the following format for full credit in Lab Report #1.

1) Number the figure, e.g., Figure 1.

2) State whether the cross is F1 or F2, as well as the number of the vial, e.g., F1 #215

3) Type out the genetic cross, e.g., Xw/Xw x Xw+/Y

4) State whether the cross is sex-linked, autosomal, or sex-linked and autosomal.

5) Always write the dominant allele first, e.g., bw+/bw

6) Capitalize the X and Y chromosomes. Write the gene names in lower case. Use the superscript function to raise the + sign or the genes on X chromosomes (see #3 & 5 above).

7) State the ratio of offspring’s phenotypes and genotypes (see below).

8) Always follow each F1 cross with the F2 cross of the same type (sex-linked F1 followed by sex-linked F2)


Figure 1: F1 #??? Sex-linked cross

Xw/Xw x Xw+/Y


Xw+/Xw = 100% of females

Xw/Y = 100% of males


Males are 100% white-eyed

Females are 100% brick red-eyed

Figure 2: F2 #??? Sex-linked cross

Xw+/Xw x Xw+/

cross 1: OR X 109

Cross 2: OR X 212

Cross 3: OR x 305

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