Chapter Section Summary

Please summarize the section – Overview of Traditional and Delineations of High Impact Practice Please write 5- 8 sentences. Please include a thoughful question at the end.  DUE 08/28/17 at 11:59PM CST

Experience With Intelligence Tests

General Instructions for Journals While journals are less formal than course papers (i.e. you can and should include personal reflection and experiences; use first person, etc.), you should still be sure to use complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Journals should be at least one page. You should make specific connections (including APA formatted citations when appropriate) between your personal reflections and examples and the theory, terms, and research being discussed in class.       Experience with Intelligence Tests What experience or background knowledge do you have with intelligence tests? Think about some of the reasons why one would need to be given an intelligence test. What are these reasons? What implications do these have in the classroom? How has your opinion about testing changed over the course of this first week?    

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Assignment 2: Eye on Development, Part 1 Week 4: Observing School-Age Children 6 to 10 Years Old This week, you will complete Part 1 of the Application Assignment for this course. The video segment you will view this week features children who range in age from 6 to 10 years old participating in a summer program at a child care center. Part 2, your assignment for next week, will involve learning more about these children through the expertise of the center director and the educational video host. To complete this assignment: Plan: Consider what you have learned about the development of children 6 to 10 years old. Click on the link below to download, print out, and review the document you will use to record your observations: Week 4: Video Observation Guide Observe: Watch the video segment and look for evidence of continuing development, such as enhanced fine- and gross-motor skills; expanded cognitive skills and evidence of reasoning associated with late childhood; new patterns in social interaction; and evidence of maturing emotional development. Record your descriptions of each on the Video Observation Guide. Again, your guidelines include: Watch the video as many times as you need. Take notes on what you observe. Use what you see and hear as evidence of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Be mindful to only use the evidence you see rather than make any assumptions about a child. Factors you are not aware of, such as a child feeling tired or hungry, can influence the child’s mood and behavior. Remember that despite similarities shared by children of various ages, each child is different and goes through the stages of development in his or her own way. Keep that uniqueness in mind as you observe each child in the video. Enjoy the segment. Use what you’ve learned this week to try to imagine the world through the eyes of a school-age child. Reflect: Reflect on your observations by responding to the following: Describe at least three examples of evidence of continuing 1) physical development, 2) cognitive/language development, and 3) social-emotional development. Describe at least one example of how development in domains overlaps. Describe differences between school-age, 3- to 5-year-old, and infant and toddler development in each of the domains: physical, cognitive/language, and social-emotional. Explain at least one example of how your perception of development has changed or grown based on what you have learned this week and/or the video segment you viewed. Submit: Write and submit a summary of your reflection. Cite specific examples from your observations and, if applicable, references to the Required Resources to support your thinking and ideas.   Assignment length: 1–2 pages

A Comparison Of Intelligence Tests

A Comparison of Intelligence Tests For this assignment you are going to choose two different intelligence tests from the list below and compare and contrast these through the use of a graphic organizer followed by a summative analysis.  List of Intelligence Tests: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)  Intelligence Quotient (IQ)  Stanford Binet  Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales  Multidimensional Aptitude Battery (MAB)  Otis-Lennon School Ability Test  Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (KABC)  The graphic organizer will need to be appealing and creatively display at least five similarities and five differences between the two intelligence tests you have chosen. Your summative analysis should be at least three pages in length (not including title page, reference page, or graphic organizer) and should Provide a brief explanation of history and purpose of the tests. Describe research to support the validity/reliability of the tests. Provide a written expansion and explanation of the comparison summarized in your graphic organizer of similarities and differences. Analyze any potential sources of bias or any criticisms of the test you observed yourself or that others have observed in the literature. In addition to the textbook, you must utilize and integrate research and examples from at least two academic/scholarly sources, to support your statements and conclusions. Format your paper and citations according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  


Define the “McCarthyism”. Explain how this term was created. How did McCarthyism affect Hollywood during the cold war era?

English 100 Research Method And Overall Experience

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Journal Entry 4: Performance Standards In one or two (1-2) pages (excluding attached artifacts), complete the following: Select one (1) of the Five Core Propositions for Teaching from Chapter 7 of the textbook, and collect one to three (1-3) pieces of evidence / artifacts from previous coursework to demonstrate your professional growth, with respect to both your portfolio theme and the core proposition that you have selected. Discuss your growth, and point out the manner in which the artifact(s) illustrates it. Identify your strengths and weaknesses with respect to your theme and in relation to the core proposition that you have selected. Analyze the key challenges you faced, and note your strategies for overcoming those challenges. Attach your chosen previous assignment(s) as pieces of evidence / artifact(s) to your journal entry in your Optimal Resume e-Portfolio. Identify the ID and title (for example: EDU599 – Education Capstone) of the courses for which you had produced the assignment(s).  Note: If you do not have an artifact, attach the description(s) of your chosen previous assignment(s). Artifacts do not count as part of the 1-2 page length requirement.  Attach one to three (1-3) pieces of evidence / artifacts from your work environment to demonstrate application of this standard (e.g., workshop documents of a presentation prepared and delivered to colleagues, documentation to show improved student scores or trainee performance, pictures of you using a pertinent form of technology in the classroom, etc.) Note: When incorporating information from the workplace, be sure to remove all identifying information such as the name of the organization, the names of individual affiliates, and sensitive or proprietary information. Check with your supervisor before you share information from your workplace. Reflect upon the success of the applications and means for improvement. If you do not have any workplace artifact(s), then discuss the manner in which you might apply this knowledge within your current or future workplace, and examine the means that you may use in order to evaluate your success. Upload the journal entry and the attachments to your Optimal Resume portfolio. Copy and paste your portfolio’s URL into the comment box of Journal Entry 4 to submit the assignment to Blackboard.

Urgent MS Project Assignment – (1 Page)

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Assignment 1 And 2

Assignment 1 Video 1 Strategic  family therapy Video 2 Solution focused family therapy Look at the two videos and discuss what counseling skills were observed? Assignment 2 Read the article below and answer the following questions What do you as a counselor need to do before you work with clients/families who identify as transgendered? What can you as a professional do to help these clients?  How, specifically, can you assist your families in these cases