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About Weekly Journal Reflections

Instead of weekly quizzes to support your reading, we will be completing weekly journal reflections based on reading/video assignments, class discussions, and your own thoughts and feelings about the week’s lessons. These loosely guided reflections are your chance to think back on your learning during the week and make some meaningful connections between course content and your current or future practice working with infants, toddlers, and families.

Worth 20 points each, reflections are scored based on:

  • 10 points for completely responding to each of the reflection prompts
  • 5 points for making numerous (3 or more) connections to the week’s readings or other assignments
  • 5 points for the quality and quantity of your journal reflection (minimum of 1 page, single spaced)

This Week’s Reflection Prompts

  1. How are you settling in to class so far? What questions or concerns would you like to share?
  2. Identify 3 passages from this week’s reading assignment that were most insightful or meaningful for you. Quote each passage, list the page # and discuss why this was particularly poignant for you.
  3. What concepts from this week are still unclear for you? What additional information would you like to know? What questions do you still have?

Second assignment

For each relationship listed below, identify and describe 3 different strategies you might use as a caregiver or care teacher to support the relationship. Your written responses should be at least 1 paragraph in length per relationship category.

  1. Parent and child
  2. Caregiver (you) and child
  3. Parent and caregiver (you)
  4. Caregiver (you) and caregiver

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