close reading of a song (Fauré – Les Berceaux Schubert )

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Select an art song from this list and give a close reading of it: Fauré – Les Berceaux Schubert – der tod und das mädchen Schumann – Widmung Duparc – Chanson Triste Mahler – Um Mitternacht Debussy – Beau Soir A close reading of an art song focuses on the materials – both musical and poetic – of the work. Offer an interpretation of the text and discuss how the composer engages with it musically. Whenever possible, highlight the composer’s narratorial choices, which could be formal, melodic, harmonic, vocal, instrumental, overt, or subtle. Please do not let structure your paper mimic that of the art song, but instead outline techniques or pattern the composer uses and let those articulate the form of our essay. You do not need to craft a definitive thesis in your close reading, but your observations must follow logically from one to the offcial class format.

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