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C-Corporation Problem — spring 2020
This problem return will help you become familiar with corporation return preparation. Use the scenario information and attached source documents to complete the return. After the return is complete, on a separate sheet answer the following questions: 1. Why do you have to include balance sheet report on schedule L? 2. What is the difference between schedule M1 and M3. 3. What do left items (1 through 6) and right items (7 through 10) of schedule mean? 4. What is Schedule M2 and what does unappropriated retained earning mean? Make a PDF copy of tax return, plus your answers to the above four questions and submitted through an email by April 15, 2020 (Corporate due tax date).
Your answers shall be graded for: a, Accuracy of tax return and selection of correct forms and schedules; b. English and grammar and;
c. Plagiarism (do not copy answers from Internet/test banks or commercial software). You may use a software as a guide to help preparing your return.
Scenario Information. The Musical Corporation files Form 1120 annually. The company was incorporated on June 7, 2003 in New York. The Musical Corporation owns a musical instrument store. The corporation files return using a calendar year and uses the accrual method of accounting Corporatioo Information Name – The Musical Corporation
EIN Email Address Phone
– 40-0006011 – Musicalco(& – 353 Harmonica St, New York. NY 10021 – 828-524-8020

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