Create a mind map or model representing the AHIMA Data Quality Management Model

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Create a mind map or model representing the AHIMA Data Quality Management Model. Include the following:

  • The four data quality management functions (including descriptions of the functions).
  • Include all 10 characteristics of the DQM.
  • Include the application, collection, warehousing, and analysis of each characteristic.
  • Note: Do NOT COPY a chart, graph, model or picture and turn it in as your work or your assignment will receive a grade of zero.

Have fun with this! The point is for you to construct this in a way you will remember these qualities and characteristic. Create the map in a way that you would be able to explain to me the DQM model without using your textbook. However, be sure that it makes sense to your audience who is looking at it.

If you do not know what mind mapping is – I have provided you below with a website and a YouTube video that may be helpful! (Links to an external site.)

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