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Dear writer, please read through professional practice draft word document written by my group in details. You should also refer to the important articles in this google drive link: in particular “A meta-analysis of minimally invasive versus conventional mitral valve repair for patients with degenerative mitral disease” (Cao et al., 2013) to have a better understanding of my project.

Following that, you will write the paper in 3 parts

Part 1: Discussion and Evaluation. Conclusions and Recommendations (2700 – 3000 words)

2500 – 3000 words

70 references (year 2000 – 2020, Harvard Style referencing, references must be searchable in pubmed and other reputable journals)

Some graphs and tables should be constructed by yourself (*self-made and not obtained from literature) based on your personal understanding and analysis towards project and other literatures *important!

Discussion and evaluation


an assessment of the significance of our group’s results

Comparison of our group’s results with the existing literatures on minimally invasive surgery versus conventional surgeries on mitral valve degenerative diseases (*around 5 -8 images / graphs / tables / statistics MUST be included!)

the implications for the company/organisation (Victoria BlackPool Hospital Cardiothoracic surgery department) – statistics and graphs should be shown to better highlight those implications


evaluation of the work undertaken

Conclusions and recommendations


a summary of the significant findings

Summary table should be made based on the contents of the summary, so as to make readers understand those findings more effectively, just like the summary table in the statistical analysis and results section of my paper.


recommendations for the company/organisation (Victoria BlackPool Hospital Cardiothoracic surgery department) in addressing the issue – statistics and graphs should be included if necessary

Part 2: A detailed description and justification of the approach to the work and the project methodology – this will include details of tasks undertaken to meet the objectives, discussion of any ethical issues and difficulties encountered (400 – 500 words)

Write 400 – 500 words (No references needed) based on the details I provided as follow

Details of tasks undertaken to meet the objectives

Communication with client via emails – 4 emails in total

first email: formal email to introduce ourselves to the client, explain to client what our project is about, and inquire about client availability so that we can hopefully meet him face to face to discuss about out project
second email: arranged meeting with client at Victoria Blackpool Hospital initially but decided to conduct meeting via skype eventually as client was too busy with pre-surgical preparations that day
third email: arranged meeting with client at Salford University Art museum café but switched to skype for safety purposes due to coronavirus pandemic
fourth email: client sent us patient data he finalized and compiled in a Microsoft excel sheet

Discuss project with client via 2 skype sessions – first session (15 minutes): inquire about project requirements so that we have a clear direction to approach the project, second session (25 minutes): inquire about specific types of statistical analysis that should be performed on the patient data provided by the client –client suggested we prioritized propensity matching test, nonetheless, Microsoft excel and other soft wares can be implemented whenever appropriate

Regular tutorial sessions – guidance on different phases of project as project progresses

how to approach project initially as we didn’t have a clear direction about the project – Supervisor also provided us with some literatures that are relevant to our project
what contents to include in project
regular feedbacks on drafts – what amendments should be made to correct both technical and systemic errors and to improve the overall quality and standard of the project
Statistical analysis guidance – how to analyse patient data using Microsoft Excel, how to present the analysis in tables and bar graphs

Active project discussion with group members via WhatsApp (predominantly) and meetings (library, classrooms or café based on preferences) to discuss ideas, compile drafts, analyse patient data, provide constructive criticisms on each other’s work

Read up to date literatures, mostly year 2000 – 2020 journals from pubmed and other prestigious journals, and then use relevant contents obtained from them to write our project

Fill up ethics form to ensure that we understand the ethics involved in the project in order to refrain from violating any ethics that can harm the interest of the client

Ethical issues discussion – patient data made anonymous, patient data only shared between supervisor and group members strictly

Difficulties encountered

Coronavirus pandemic – tutorials and meetings have to be conducted online so discussion, albeit sufficient, is not very effective, due to lack of face-to-face interactions
Statistician in the university of Salford is unable to help us with statistical analysis, so we had to spend a lot of time learning different soft wares and conduct numerous trial and errors in order to analyse the data correctly
Finding relevant literatures is difficult as there are not many literatures available since minimal invasive surgeries for degenerative mitral valves commenced in the 1960s
Writing the paper is a challenge as there are a lot of technical terms that we are not familiar about, and therefore, we need to understand these terms concurrently with the literatures that we found

Part 3: Abstract (300 words)

Abstract should be written last after other parts of the paper are completed. Include 8-10 key words

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