Dietary Supplements – answer the question and in short and simple form

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answer the question and in short and simple form

Part 1:Dietary Supplements (15 pts)

A friend shows you the vast array of dietary supplements that he takes each morning in hopes of improving his fitness, boosting his energy, and increasing his immunity.Your friend is in good health, is at a healthy weight, and seems to follow a varied and balanced diet.

  • 1- What are three consideration or cautions that come to mind regarding the use of dietary supplements in this scenario?Explain in a paragraph.
  • 2- Do you believe supplementation is warranted in the case above?Why or why not?Use readings from this unit to support your position.Please cite any references used.
  • 3- When would you recommend the use of supplements for an individual?Explain and cite any references.

Part 2:Functional Foods: What’s in This Food? (20 points)

Food manufacturers are expanding the range of nutrients they add to foods as well as the types of foods to which nutrients are added. The increasing presence of fortified and enhanced foods in supermarkets has the potential to affect the nutrient intake and health of individuals. What role do functional foods play in your diet?

  • 1- Choose a functional food product (packaged food product that has one or more added nutrients or dietary constituents) that you typically consume. If you do not consume a product that would be considered a functional food product, chose one to evaluate.List the name and manufacturer of the product you chose.If possible insert a picture of the product:
  • 2- Which nutrients or dietary constituents have been added to this product?
  • 3- Are there any nutrient or health claims on the food label? If so, list the claim. How would you classify the claim—health claim, structure-function claim, or nutrient content claim?
  • 4- Would you consider the added nutrients to be nutrients that most people need more of in their diets?Justify your answer based on what you have learned so far in this class.
  • 5- Why might you use this particular food product? Would you purchase it for the taste, the added nutrients, the potential health benefit, or other reasons?
  • 6- Is this particular type of product available without the added nutrients or extra fortification? For example, if you chose orange juice with added calcium, the answer would be “yes,” as this product is available as orange juice without added calcium. Do you know if there is a cost difference between the regular product and the functional food version? Are you willing to pay more for the enhanced product?
  • 7- What role do you think functional foods should play in the food market and in the diet of the population overall?Please explain your answer in a short paragraph using readings to support your position.
  • 8- Do you see any potential for misuse or excessive nutrient intake through the use of this or similar products? What if an individual is also taking a dietary supplement that includes the same nutrient?Please explain your answer in a short paragraph using readings to support your position.

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