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You must submit two (2) replies with 150 – 200 words in every module/week in which the forum is assigned. Each reply should be supported by personal experience, scripture, and/or academic references. In addition, if any “experts” are quoted, support your opinion using current APA format.

Instructions and Rubric attached

As an educator our role in a student’s life is to guide their learning and education. However, the reality is that educators may spend more time with a student than their family does. So many life reasons why many Americans are unable to sit around the dinner table together as a family. Children often arrive to school tired, hungry, and sometimes feeling unloved. Students most certainly need character education. I agree with anti-bullying policies but if we tell students not to do something, we need to teach them what they can do instead. Teaching students character education can give students role models. It allows an educator to read a bibliography and discuss what that person may have faced and ask students what they would have done as a person and not just the educational standpoint.

Opening a door with education to the real world and connecting with students to build rapport is a doorway to improving students mental health. A teacher can notice tendencies that children have, like always being late, or never being prepared and ready for class. While teaching I had a student who had been habitually late, never prepared, and vary rarely had their homework. One morning as they walked up to my desk to turn in homework after the bell had already rang, I simply asked if they were okay. The student took a deep breath and said no. I asked compassionately and gave them my undivided attention. The student was staying with grandparents because their parent had had back surgery. The child was trying to adjust to a life change at home. I let the student know that I was sorry about the surgery and if they needed anything to let me know. After that I could tell a change in the student for the better and they realized that I cared about their trouble. I chose to focus on their strength at the time and not their weakness. “this requires that teachers actively focus on identifying the strengths of these at-risk students” (Morgan, Richardson, & Fleener, 2016, p. 330). That child made three perfect scores of 600 on their Standards of Learning tests. My student and I had a real-life moment together that day. I gave them grace. God’s grace. Mornings were always the busiest time of day and being late and not prepared slowed me down. Those things that irritate us are the things we need to pay attention to. I thank God he drew my attention that day.

Proverbs 27:17 says, Iron Sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another. Modeling character education for students in the classroom to show them what empathy and love are is showing them Jesus. We are and can be the hand and feet of Jesus to serve His children. I believe we can love our students as educators in the classroom to support their mental health. Listen for the holy spirit and that soft whisper to guide us. Pray for our students most of all.


Richardson J., Morgan J., & Fleener, C., Reading to learn in the content areas, (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Holy Bible. KJV 2016

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