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Question 1: What are resource leveling and resource smoothing? Answer using your own words but citing current scholarly research. What is the impact to the critical path, and how is “float” used in leveling and smoothing resources? Give an example of leveling and smoothing resources on a project you know or can find through research (250 words)

Question 2: Developmental Case Study: Helena

Helena is 13 years old and exhibiting signs that she may be suffering from an eating disorder. Her mother and father are worried and in need of a workshop that will educate them on what indicators or symptoms to look for in their daughter (and sons, Jordan, 15, and Zach, 14). Describe how, as a human service professional, you can help Helena and her family. First, consider common preconceived notions about the causes and symptoms relating to bulimia and anorexia. describe what you would say to Helena’s mother (“Leigh”) and father (“Dean”) to help them with their daughter’s problem. Note: think about the differences between bulimia and anorexia and consider the signs, symptoms, and possible causes of each. Finally, provide a link to a resource you can provide to Helena’s parents that will assist their efforts to support their daughter. (Consider a non-profit organization in your surrounding area or provided online to a national user group.) (250 words)

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