Elinor sells Cathy a horse for $2,000

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Elinor sells Cathy a horse for $2,000. When Elinor goes to the bank to deposit Cathy’s check, the check bounces. Elinor is furious and files suit against Cathy. Elinor probably filed her suit in:

a. a small claims court.

b. a domestic relations court.

c. a Municipal Court.

d. a probate court.

Gala and Hoyt are employees of IT Business Solutions, Inc. Under the Equal Pay Act of 1963, It Business Solutions can legitimately pay different wages on the basis of:

a. merit.

b. job descriptions.

c. substantial equality of skill, effort, and responsibility.

d. gender.

Lingerie Closet, a women’s clothing store, employs female attendants to assist customers in the dressing rooms. Mark, a forty-one-year-old male, applies for an attendant’s job but is not hired. In Mark’s suit against Lingerie closet for employment discrimination under Title VII, the store has:

a. no defense.

b. a bona fide occupational qualification defense

c. a business necessity defense.

d. an after-acquired evidence defense.

Thermo Gas, Inc., and Uno Oil Corporation refine and sell gasoline and other petroleum products. To limit the supply of gas on the market and thereby raise prices, Thermo Gas and Uno Oil agree to buy “excess” supplies from dealers and “dispose” of it. This is:

a. a deal that neither restrains trade or harms competition.

b. a legal restraint of trade.

c. a per se violation of the Sherman Act

d. subject to analysis under the rule of 


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