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When you do your papers consider an ethical dilemma or a bioethical problem. My research paper will be on the Euthanasia. My stand is I do support euthanasia in cases where one is suffering from a terminal disease such as cancer or any other which there is no cure for, and that person is in great pain and suffering. I do believe in such cases; one should be given the right to die. The same goes for someone being on life support and considered brain death with no hope of ever coming back to life.
1. Research your background material. You will need at least 4 references – books, journals, online sites etc. Make sure you cite your material even if it is not a quote. Use citations in text for all thoughts not your own.
2. Take a position on the topic.
3. Decide on an ethical framework with which you can defend your position.
4. Present pro and con arguments
5. Present a compromise if you have one.
6. Remain open to new implications or criticisms that may require modifications of the framework and/or your opinions.
7. Papers should be 6-8 pages.


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