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1. Please present an overview of the company you selected (What is the company best
known for, stock symbol, where it is trading, location of headquarter, is the company
also located in other countries, who is the CEO…) Write as a narrative (Do not copy and
2. Compute the Monthly return rate (percent return)over the 3 year span for both the S &
P 500 and the stock you selected
3. Draw a scatter diagram and display the linear regression line
4. Compute the regression between the S & P rate of return (X variable) and the Stock rate
of return(Y variable) display the output on a separate sheet
5. Identify the coefficient of correlation and comment on it
6. Identify the coefficient of determination and comment on it
7. Is the correlation significant?
8. Identify you Beta coefficient (Slope of the regression line) how close is it to the live Beta
Coefficient display on Finance search Engines?
9. If you are a fund manager, and your client is in need of some quick return on their stock
and would like to take the risk, would you advise him/her to invest in this stock? Why?
10. Please conclude by letting the reader know about the importance of the topic as you
move further into your graduate study

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