Global Policy Call to Action 5 Best Actions

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Global Policy Call to Action

Review refrences:

 the following article along with this week’s materials Governments, businesses, and civil society leaders and elected officials are called to recognize the critical role and value of health information and technology during a health emergency and to work across government agencies and with communities and businesses to prioritize actions that leverage valuable health data, the tools of informatics and the innovative solutions outlined in this Global Policy Call to Action.

2. This Global Call to Action outlines five (5) Global Policy Strategic Actions. Consider the fact that has just accepted a new role assisting the policy-making team at your organization.

The role is primarily as a consultant for the team of advisors and policymakers that have been assembled. The CEO and Training Director seek your assistance creating a presentation regarding establishing protocols and educational content as the company prepares to implement the global policy strategy. Include some background material to describe the rationale and benefits for your recommendation to implement each strategic action. Then further support your position by outlining how to roll out the initial strategic step you have chosen successfully.


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