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in the first ((30 min)) i need u to give to different reply for students comment i will upload that in word doc

write something simliar to the example

Pretty simple this week. Find a data entry form and critique it. Post a link or screenshot of the form.

Describe it’s purpose.

What do you like about it? What makes it work well?

What do you dislike? How would you improve it?

My example:

Duck Donuts (Links to an external site.)

This data entry is for placing donut orders with Duck Donuts. It is graphical in nature versus being a series of data fields.

It works well as there is a limited number of options. Selecting “Make Your Own” is much more complicated than “Assortment”. In Step 2, I like how you can select your flavors via a picture as it tells you exactly what you are ordering. However, it’s not friendly in that you can’t quickly see all the different flavors if you are a new customer.

The “Make Your Own Combinations” is very easy to use as you can stack different types of donut option one after another.

Finally it would be nice if you could place your order online versus having to print it out.

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