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Instructions for the CASE STUDY
Based on your work experience (internship, part time/full time job, volunteer etc.) you are to identify a human resource ethical dilemma in an organization you are currently part of or use to be part of. You must effectively demonstrate your understanding of the key concept/theory chosen and approaches in human resource management. Going beyond the textbook is highly anticipated.
1.       Identify the ethical issue and apply the relevant HR concept/theory [1page]
2.       Discuss the impact of the ethical issue identified in number #1 on the organization, employees, and society [1page]
3.       Assuming you are now   the Vice President of Human Resources, outline 3 possible strategies/solutions you can implement to solve the problem identified. [I page]
4.       Lehman’s Online Library is an excellent source of information. Recommended journals for articles include: “Academy of Management Journal, Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Management Journal, International Business Review, International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Studies of Management and Organization, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, and others.”       
*Case Study will be graded based on and should have the following:
€        Must be 3 pages (not including cover and reference pages)
€        Typed, double space, font 12, and normal margins (0.5-1inch)
€        Must be written in your own words and use of proper citations in body of paper
€        3 references (may include your text book). Information from your references must be incorporated into your paper. Online articles and blogs are not permitted.  Books and scholarly journals only
€        APA or MLA format – Please refer to, go to ‘APA Style’ or, go to ‘MLA Style’
€        Cover page and reference page
€        Grammar, spelling, content, and format (see above)
Suggested Topics
€        We will cover a wide variety of topics you can choose from during the semester. Refer to the schedule outline, class discussions, text etc. for relevant topics/ideas

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