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I need an explanation for this History question to help me study.

What is your research topic?

Using the “Citation” Button on each article’s JSTOR page, Copy and Paste the Chicago Style citation for each of your articles as an answer to this question. You need at least 4 sources all from JSTOR.

What is a Historiography?

List at least three search keywords related to your research topic that you think could help you expand your search for better articles to use on your historiography. (For Example: if your topic was George Washington, you could also search for keywords like “continental army,” “Martha Washington,” or “Valley Forge” to identify other sources that might be useful.)

requirements :

1. Choose a research topic (it can be anything relating to Western Civilization up to the year 1500 C.E.)

2. Find FOUR academic journal articles (You can choose to do more than four, but four is the minimum)

3. You must use the JSTOR database to find your four articles .

Rationale: Every topic has its own historiography, that is the body of work by different historians that have covered the topic. Since historians often differ on the “whys” and “hows” of history, every historian must account for the way in which their interpretation differs from that of other historians who have addressed the topic. This process is known as the Historiographical Analysis.

Analysis: A historigraphical analysis requires that you look for patterns, comparisons, and contrasts in the works you are analyzing. How each historian approached the topic will be unique onto itself. That makes focusing on their differences is easy. Each may have used different sources, reached different conclusions or focused on an unusual aspect of the topic. So it is paramount that you read each article carefully, including any footnotes and endnotes to find which aspects of each article is worth discussing in your paper.

However, a historiographical analysis cannot simply be a collection of summaries for each article. Instead, you need to place them in conversation with each other. As you read each article keep notes on what themes ( ideas, concepts, and sources) are used by the authors, and identify areas where the articles overlap. Whenever you identify an theme where two or more authors overlap in their works, that is a good candidate for writing one or more paragraphs explaining how each author has approached that theme.

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