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Identify and read a current RCM Article, preferably 2019, on any one of the topics below. Most of your 4 key bullets must be focused on finance/reimbursement.

As patients become increasingly responsible for out-of-pocket costs, nearing 20% of all reimbursements, providers need to ensure that they aren’t leaving uncollected revenue on the table – but also that they are not squeezing their patients so hard that they become dissatisfied with the care rendered and shift to another provider.

  • High Deductible Health Plans raise increasing problems
    • Reducing Billing and Collection Errors
    • Outsourcing Billing and Collection Issues
    • Health information technology or Analytics for optimal reimbursement
    • Lack of staff training at time of scheduling, admission, verifications, authorization, etc.
    • Patient Transparency and impact on collections
  • Write the link, identify 4 key bullets on the financial and/or reimbursement problem(s) and solutions the article addresses. Then provide a short statement on your thoughts and/or alternate solutions.

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