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Write a report (you can just type it in this Excel sheet, below) that addresses the following:
* how many meters, and how many floors, did the elevator move vertically?
* Explain how you did your calculations, as if writing to a calculus professor that hadn’t heard of this project.
* use some graphs to show what happened. Paste them from other sheets into the appropriate places in your report, below.
* Evaluate your model. Are the results reasonable? If not, try modifying it and reporting both the original and modified methods and results.
* how precise do you think your estimate is, in centimeters? If the elevator doors opened based on when it calculated it was in the right position based on inertial navigation, would the gap between the elevator floor and main floor be acceptably small?
* If you drove from Ypsi to Ann Arbor (about 10 km), and used an iPad-based inertial navigation system, how far off might you expect its final position estimate be, in meters?
* again for that 10-km drive, would the final position estimate be precise enough to know which cross-street you were at on a main avenue?
* Explain any assumptions that you made in doing your work.
* Explain any limitations to your work.

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