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Question 1
From your reading of the Thermomix website, do you think a purchase decision to buy a new Thermomix would be a high involvement purchase or low involvement? Why?
Question 2
Why do you think the Thermomix is a successful product when it is not sold through retail outlets?
Question 3
Do you think the purchase of a Thermomix would lead to lifestyle changes? Why?
Question 4
If you were selling the Thermomix product, give four [4] reasons why an understanding of consumer/buyer behaviour would be important/relevant?
Question 5
Buying a new Thermomix could be an example of influence from either: emotional influence; social surroundings; disposal situation; or task definition.
From these four types of influence, select the one you think fits such a purchase. Why did you select this one?
Question 6
What type [description] of perception do you now have because of the information available on the Thermomix website? Please explain this perception.
Question 7
Remembering the Thermomix is not sold through retail outlets, how is it sold?
Question 8
Consider your answer to question number 7.
Do you think using the Internet/Social Media would be effective? Please give your reasons.
Question 9
Do you think post-purchase dissonance could be a problem with a Thermomix purchase? Yes or no and why?
Question 10
Vorwerk likes to be seen as modern, value priced, efficient all with German innovation. This is an example of:
A. brand personality.
B. brand image.
C. brand recall.
D. brand personality and brand image.

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