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Sources:       Keeley,   P. (2014). Habitat change: Formative assessment of a cautionary word. Science   and  Children,   51(7), 26-27. Schleigh,   S. (2014). Assessments in the arguments. Science and Children, 51(8), 46-53. Zissman,   T. (2013). Measuring success: Second graders design, build, test, and improve   tools  to   map a waterway. Science and Children, 51(2), 68-74.  Californians   Dedicated to Education Foundation. (2014) INNOVATE: A Blueprint for Science, Technology, Engineering, and   Mathematics in California Public Education – A report by State Superintendent   of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson’s STEM Task Force. Retrieved from  (Just   read p. 23-25 this week) Sousa   & Pilecki, Chapter 9 Directions: You will be creating an integrated math and science unit that allows students the opportunity for exploration, concept development, and concept application through inquiry. At a minimum, you will be creating THREE lessons that should reflect a balance of math and science and will contain at a minimum: standards, objectives, materials, strategies and adaptations for meeting the needs of special populations, assessment strategies, as well as examples of literature and technology integration. Finally, make sure to incorporate the arts into at least one of the unit’s lessons.  WARNING!!! This is masters level work. Do not take this if you do not have experience writing lesson plans!

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