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 Preparation The health care organization will work with its chosen information management vendor to integrate an effective solution to the needs that have been identified. Building on the RFP you created for your health care organization in the previous assessment, suppose you have selected a vendor. You may use the Johnson Contractors, Incorporated media piece (linked in the Capella Multimedia section of the Resources) as a basic example of a vendor. To prepare for this assessment, use the internet to research scholarly sources to research the following topics: (1) The process for integrating a new system into a health care organization, including payment systems and electronic data interchange. (2) Strategies for implementing change management, including the associated training and development needs of departments and employees. (3) The ongoing support, development, and quality indicators of a successful integration. (4) The return on investment (ROI) a health care organization might expect from implementing a new information management system, including the impact on quality of care. Find examples where patient data, surveys, and research were used to demonstrate improved outcomes and results. Deliverable Write a 3–5-page analysis of the solutions to be integrated into the health care facility. Address the following: * Analyze how the new system would be integrated into the health organization. * Explain how various payment systems would be part of the solution. * Analyze how electronic data interchange works. * Recommend strategies for implementing change management. * Explain the training and development needs of departments when integrating changing technologies. * Include recommendations for educating employees. * Recommend ongoing support, development, and quality indicators for successful integration. * Analyze the return on investment (ROI) the health care organization might expect from implementing the new information management system. * Plan how you would work with leadership, finance, and IT teams to determine ROI success. * You are not expected to calculate the return on investment, but to analyze how the investment would benefit the health care organization and outweigh the money spent. * Analyze the improvement in the quality of care due to the use of the new technology. * Identify how patient data, surveys, and research would be used to identify the improved outcomes and results. Additional Requirements Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message. APA formatting: Your paper should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting. Include a title page and a references page. Length: 3–5 typed and double-spaced pages, excluding the title and references pages. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point. Research: Use a minimum of 6 scholarly credible sources.

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