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Create the drop-down list and its data source 1. Open the XEx13CustomerList application. This application contains the starting page and the database, image, and style sheets used by the page. 2. Open the Default.aspx file in Source View, and add a drop-down list inside the div that indicates it should contain the state drop-down list. After that, you can continue working in Source View or switch to Design View. 3. Configure the data source for the drop-down list so it includes the StateCode and StateName columns from the States tables, sorted by state name. Be sure to store the connection in the Web.config file. 4. Bind the drop-down list to the data source so the state name is displayed in the list and the state code is returned by the SelectedValue property of the list. 5. Change the name of the drop-down list to ddlState and set its AutoPostBack property to True. Finally, set its CssClass property to form-control. 6. Run the application and review the data in the drop-down. Select a few states to make sure the page posts back to the server. Stop the application when you’re done. Create another data source and bind it to a data list 7. In Source View, add a DataList control inside the div that indicates it should contain the customer data list. Then, change its name to dlCustomers. After that, you can continue in Source View or switch to Design View. You should know, though, that it can be easier to work with Bootstrap CSS in Source View. 8. Configure the data source for the data list so it uses the connection string that’s in the Web.config file and so it selects the LastName, FirstName, Email, and State columns

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