Karl Pearson and the Development of Statistics in the Service of Eugenics

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Find two scholarly articles (in academic journals that are peer reviewed and that are available in full text) that discusses Karl Pearson and the development of “statistics” in the service of “eugenics.” At least one of those articles should also discuss the reliance of Pearson on Darwinian Theory. Prepare a five page essay (add a cover page and a references page) in full APA Style. • In-text citations that include page numbers are required. • No paragraph should be more than seven lines long. a. Begin with a brief bio of Karl Pearson. b. Continue with a one page introduction to the subject of “Statistics in the Service of Eugenics.” c. Then, present factual information about the influence of Darwinism upon Karl Pearson and Statistics in the Service of Eugenics. d. Then, present the opinions of the authors about whether the influence of Darwinism enhanced or detracted from the Eugenics movement. e. Conclude with your own opinion: Do you agree or disagree with the opinion of the authors about Darwinism and Eugenics.

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