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Although there are two parts, your reports should read as a consolidated piece. The managerial report should include 5 parts – title page, table of contets, executive summary, the main body of the report, and technical appendix, with font size 12 and double line space. The report should be no more than 15 pages (excluding the technical appendix). Although there are no page limits for the technical appendix, you should provide sufficient technical details in a neat and organized format.  a)  The title page should include at least the title of the report and members’ names.  b)  The table of contents should list all the sections with page numbers.  c)  The one-page executive summary should highlight your results, conclusions, and  suggestions for each problem. If you are not sure how to write an executive summary, please refer to your previous business writing class(es), pick up a book at the library, or try to find reliable examples online.  d)  The main body of the report consists of sections for each problem set. Each section should briefly introduce the faced problem, adopted method, models, software packages, results, and necessary visualization (table or graph). Make sure to address all issues listed above, but don’t necessarily do it in a question/answer format. Turn-in a management report, not a homework assignment.  e)  The technical appendix is the place to throw in raw data, models, and outputs /screenshots, and all other technical related supplements. The existence of this part will help other analysts to review your decision processes, double check your results, and archive the approaches that you adopted.

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