Making Decisions

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Making Decisions

Mike has recently inherited a sizable amount of money and is looking to invest it.

He is considering several options and has met with a number of financial advisors to help him narrow down the options and decide where to invest his funds.

Stinky Business

Some of the advisors are suggesting funds that have characteristically been solid, conservative performers, but are based on products and services that are not environmentally friendly.


Since Mike is very passionate about supporting and protecting the environment, he consults with other advisors who suggest that he align his investment strategy with his passion.

They recommend several funds that are also solid performers, but not quite as aggressive as those funds that do not support environmental issues.

Tax Time

Mike needs to make a relatively quick decision, as the tax deadlines are looming.


Given the results you got on your decision-making and creativity assessments, how would you invest the funds if you were Mike? GET YOUR QUALITY 100% CUSTOM RESEARCH PAPER TODAY Best Schoolwork, Homework & Assignments tips 2021

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