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You are required to select one of two options presented below to complete your academic analysis. Whilst the analysis will require you to apply insights from all three chapters, some options will require specific focus on named chapters.

Option 2: Change Management: Internal and external forces of change are interrelated and influence decisions about the management of change. Consider the barriers to change and how organisational culture is affected by and influences change. Discuss the impact of these forces on an organisations’ workforce and management and how managers can best work with these. 

This option relates to content in Chapter 7-9 (to be provided).


2,500 words (10% allowable either way, does not include title page, table of contents, appendix and references)


Includes journals, papers and books sourced from the library or other university resources, Harvard or APA 6th version, Journal Articles. General rule of one resource per 150 words.



You may want to use the following structure to format your Subject Reflection. 

• Introduction 

• Discussion 

• Conclusions and recommendations 

• References* 

*excluded from word count 

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