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  Using the University of Carolina Case study and the supplements from the NCAA found in the Case Study tab address the following questions in proper APA format: The strategic plan for the University of Carolina recommends: 1. Reduce coaches and administrative expenses by 10% over the next three years.    2. Increase fundraising by 25%.  Beginning in 2017-18 how will you reduce the coaches and administrative expenses assuming no head coach or administrator resigns?  Be realistic and put thought and research into this answer.  Then over the course of the next five years you must increase fundraising by 25%.  By examining the current levels and the location of the institution, what can you do to increase this?  You must be realistic with this analysis and answer.  Saying you will increase giving by 25% is great, but how?  People are not just going to give.  Research institutions that are similar and lay out a detailed plan to include expectations and revenue.   Remember to use proper APA formatting and all writing should be in third person.  Make sure to include the title page and reference page.  If APA format is not followed, a point deduction will occur.  Provide at least 3 references for the assignment.

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