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an outline and reference list

Step 1 Plan your speech.

Select an occasion or situation for your ceremonial speech.

Step 2 Review the process of thesis development.

Review the information in Lesson 4 of the course about creating a specific purpose statement and thesis, deriving a question based on the thesis, and using the question to determine the main points to cover in the speech. Consider reviewing the documents you created for Assignment 4.1: Developing Purpose and Thesis Statements and Assignment 4.2: Get to the Point.

Step 3 Enter topic information.

In a document for this assignment, determine and enter the following information about your topic.

  • Description of the setting (occasion or situation) for your ceremonial speech
  • Description of the audience for your speech (you get to define your audience)
  • Topic
  • General purpose
  • Specific purpose

Step 4 Select a pattern.

Based on your knowledge of patterns of organizing speech information, select a pattern of organization to use to create an outline for your speech.

Step 5 Create an outline based on the template provided.

Step 6 Create a reference list.

Include any and all sources you used to locate information for your outline.

And this is the out line tem

Outline Template


General Purpose: To inform or to persuade

Specific Purpose:

I. Introduction

  • Attention-getter:
  • Thesis Statement:
  • Preview of Main Points:

II. Body

  • Overview of First Main Point
  • Overview of Second Main Point
  • Overview of Third Main Point
  • Supporting point
  • Supporting point


a) Supporting point

b) Supporting point

a) Supporting point

b) Supporting point

III. Conclusion (please write out using full sentences your whole introduction and then fill in the key items below)

  • Review of Main Points:
  • Closure/Clincher:


All entries should be in alphabetical order. URLs should be listed without a hyperlink or be followed by a period.

Interviews and personal communications are not listed in the reference page. Instead they are cited in text: (First initial. Last name, personal communication, month day, year).

The reference section starts on a new page. References should be double spaced and have a hanging indent.

Those references that do not end with a URL will use a period as end punctuation

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