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Create an imaginary company that you have been operating in the domestic arena for some time and with you as the top management, and you have decided it is time to go international. 1. Describe your company and its operations, relative size, and so forth. Give reasons for your decision to go international. 2. Decide on an appropriate country in which to operate, and give your rationale for this choice. 3. State your planned entry strategy, and give your reasons for this strategy. 4. Describe the environment in which you will operate and the critical operational factors that you must consider and how they will affect your company. 5. Give a cultural profile of the local area in which you will be operating. What are the workers going to be like? What kind of reception do you anticipate from local governments? suppliers, distributors, and so on? 6. Draw up an organization chart showing the company and its overseas operations, and describe why you have chosen this structure. 7. Decide on the staffing policy you will use for top-level managers, and give your rationale for this policy. 8. Describe the kinds of leadership and motivational systems you think would be most effective in this environment. Give your rationale. 9. Discuss the kinds of communication problems your managers might face in the host-country working environment. How should they prepare for and deal with these problems? 10. Explain any special control issues for this overseas operation that concern you. How do you plan to deal with them? 11. Identify the concerns of the host country and the local community regarding your operations there. What plans do you have to deal with their concerns and to ensure a long-term cooperative relationship?

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