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Write 7-10 page paper that addresses a current or recent work-related experience (personal case study). The experience should be directly related to Organizational Behavior themes. The purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to examine a personal work experience from a more objective/reflective vantage point. Briefly describe the situation so that I will understand the context. Then, analyze the situation using the diagnostic tools and approaches that we have covered in the course — identify the root cause(s) of the issues. Identify the options for how the situation could have been/should have been or might be resolved most effectively. Finally, your conclusion should detail your lessons learned from this personal case study.


Using the information above I would like you to write about my old boss:

Her name is Kitty Payne and I worked with her for 3 years. Her emotional intelligence was low which caused may people to leave the company. She was someone that was not a manager but also not a leader. In my time working with her, in a team of 30 we lost 65 people. The main cause was because of her treatment of others. She would belittle the team and also come of as someone who was

The conclusion of the lessons learned is that Kitty Payne should have been given a coach to understand where she needed to focus on to be a better leader.


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