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This assignment is a research paper/essay on the life and work of an important figure in Yoga. Please choose one of the figures from the list below. It should be 2.5 – 3 pages in length and cover the following topics (not necessarily in this order):

General Info

Time period in which they were active in the field of Yoga

Childhood: place of birth, type of upbringing, religious association etc.

Reason or inspiration for entering the field of Yoga

Early Training:

Their teacher (if applicable)

Type of Yoga which they practiced

Can you describe their training? Early philosophy?


What did they add to the field of Yoga?

What were some of the teachings they espoused? (What teachings are most closely associated with them?)

What were they trying to accomplish?

What kind of populations did they work with?


What did this Yogi leave behind? (Teachings, organizations etc.)

How are they remembered?

Who are some of their well known students (if applicable)

Choose one from the list below





BKS Iyengar





General Guidelines:

  • Assume that I know nothing about the dance form you are writing about. Remember YOU ARE THE TEACHER! You should be able to hand this paper to someone with no knowledge of yoga, and they should understand exactly what you are talking about.
  • The total length of the essay should be 2.25 – 3 typed pages (double-spaced, .75 inch margins and 12 point font)
  • Please use at least 3 resources, 1 of which should be from GCC Library’s connection to online databases. (Proquest and JSTOR are popular) Wikipedia and Yogapedia do not count as resources. There are are many online yoga journals and organizations that will have information on these figures.
  • You must have a “Works Cited” page (in addition to the 2 page minimum). Please use MLA style references. For an MLA style guide please go to: http://www.acc.commnet.edu/academicskills/index.htm in the table on the lower right there is a link called “MLA Documentation.” Click on that to download a pdf file describing the MLA style.

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