Positive Behaviour Support

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Positive Behaviour Support


Paper details:

This assignment asks you to review the extensive literature on the model that has become known as the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) model but also known as Positive Behaviour Intervention Support (PBIS), Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) and other names. The names reflect a model developed by Sugai and Horner and elaborated by many others including Lewis, Todd and others. I have also provided readings that provide alternate models and you should consider these in challenges to the PBIS approach as well as in the critique of the PBIS model as it has a very specific conceptual approach. Given the readings and other references you choose to identify, identify the key themes of the PBIS model as applied to schools, the model’s strengths and challenges and critique its value as a model of supporting a school to become more positive in its management of student (and staff) behaviours. The assignment needs to be presented as a piece of academic writing that is fully referenced. * there are some resources

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