Staff Training For Child Abuse Reporting

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 Description School counselors will often become aware of children and youth who have been abused. Such awareness might come from the child or adolescent directly describing the abuse to the counselor—or from teachers, staff, or parents reporting the suspected abuse to them. One important role of the school counselor is to ensure that child abuse reporting laws and policies are followed. Many times, counselors are called on to coordinate training of the school staff on child abuse reporting laws and school policies relevant to reporting. Counselors may train the staff themselves or have local child abuse professionals deliver child abuse reporting training. For this Assignment, research the available resources in your community for child abuse reporting and prevention programs. Then, conceptually develop training for the staff on recognizing the signs of sexual abuse, and how to prevent and report child abuse. The Assignment: (2–3 pages, not including appendices): Submit an outline for a training lesson plan. Include, in the appendix, the actual copies of your own: *State laws about reporting child abuse *A statement about the ethical responsibilities for counselors and teachers to report child abuse *A summary of the district or school level policies concerning reporting child abuse *One national and one local child abuse prevention resource that you might utilize in the training you create *A child abuse reporting brochure to give to staff and teachers at your school that summarizes the reporting procedures

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