The Culture and Moral Compasses

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Part I: In Module 3 Discussion, you used the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix (GSSM) to determine your selected organization’s grand strategy. After describing several of the most salient/notable characteristics of the culture of the organization you have selected for the SLP, respond to the following 1. Does the organization’s culture “fit” the grand strategy you selected in the Module 2 Discussion? Explain. 2. Even if the culture fits the strategy well, is there anything you would change in order to better ensure the success of the grand strategy you selected in the Module 2 Discussion? 3. Assuming that the culture does not fit the strategy well, what specifically would you change, and how would you go about doing so? Part II: In the Module 2 Discussion, you used the GSSM to choose a grand strategy for your target (SLP) organization. In Week 2 of the Module 4 Discussion, respond to the following: 1. Describe your organization’s stated values. 2. Discuss how well your organization’s values align with the grand strategy you chose in Module 2 Discussion (using the GSSM). 3. Discuss the implications that an organization’s values have for strategic choice.

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