The Middle Ages

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– Music

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A) Gregorian chant ( )
B) Byzantine chant ()
C) Templar chant ()
Listen to the above chants then Describe and compare for each chant:
1. what are some common elements?
2. is there more than one melody simultaneously? a drone? (single pitch, low voice)
3. what is the movement of the main melody like? quick? always in motion? slow? long single held notes, interspersed with stretches of activity?
4. is there any recognizable “tune” returning? changing throughout? unsure?
5. what is the range of the melody?
6. (a good gauge of this is; if the worst singer you know could sing it=small, if you, or someone you know is/are an average singer and could sing it=medium, if the best singer you know would be challenged=high)
7. are there any dynamics? describe.
8. is there a discernible “beat” or pulse?
For the above, answer all questions for each chant. Discuss all points for one chant, then the next.

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