Unit 7 Dicussion 1 Sam

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Case Study – Mohammed, Part 1 Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. Mohammed is the executive director of an organization that provides assistance and resources to Somali refugees and immigrants within his community. His organization currently provides a variety of services, including health care, education services, employment services, and youth services. Lately, because of the fast-growing Somali population, he has decided it would be more efficient to develop more focused organizations that benefit the Somali community. Mohammed wants to start a new organization that focuses specifically on health care services for the Somali population—an established need in both his cultural community and his city. Although there are other community organizations that focus on health care advocacy for immigrants, none focus specifically on the Somali community. Mohammed has hired you to organize the fundraising and grant writing efforts for this initiative. For this discussion, write a letter to Mohammed in which you provide ideas for how you plan to gather the necessary resources. Use Chapter 9 in your text as a guide.

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