Vertical Profile and Earthwork/Mass Balance

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We have Rodeway and you already worked on it and I will submit it was in the First part Memo1 and 2 that is from (Huron SD to Plankinton at South Dakota State on US) around (60 Miles) ,Please see a map for more consideration, and you can take look at all references I attached here and you must follow the instruction on file Project Task 03 Vertical Profile and Earthwork/Mass Balance. the second important file is (Profile Vertical Curve Report From AutoCAD 3D Civil) that one I got from AutoCAD.

And I attached some fuel examples and it’s some part from it and is going to help you and it will give you some idea about of previous papers to get some idea under Model and Format Memo 3.

Note: you may assume any numbers that you couldn’t figure out where it comes from and highlight it.

if you need any Questions let me know.

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