“Wells Fargo & Co” (WFC) “Unethical Behavior”

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 *Read and do the research about The Wells Fargo Account Fraud Scandal Case *Read & Review the applicable sections of the most current WFC Annual 10K Report as submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). *Read & Review the WFC letter to the shareholders as found in the Annual Stockholder’s Report *Listen to any messages from the past & present CEO’s that can be found on YouTube. *Conduct additional research as necessary to review and address the material below as it applies to this assignment. PREPARE A PAPER REPORTING ON EACH OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA AS EACH APPLIES TO THE ABOVE ORGANIZATION: >BENEFITS OF BUSINESS ETHICS *Contributes to Employee Commitment? *Contributes to Investor Loyalty? *Contributes to Customer Satisfaction? *Contributes to Profits? >INTERACTIONS BETWEEN COMPANY AND PRIMARY/SECONDARY STAKEHOLDERS *Employees? *Customers? *Investors? *Suppliers? *Community? *Environmental Groups? *Government Agencies? *Special Interest Groups? *Mass Media? *Competitors? *Shareholders? *Trade Associations? >STEPS OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY *Economic? *Legal? *Ethical? *Philanthropic? >IMPLEMENTING A STAKEHOLDER PERSPECTIVE *STEP 1 — Assessing the Corporate Culture? *STEP 2 — Identify Stakeholder Groups? *STEP 3 — Identify Stakeholder Issues? *STEP 4 — Assessing Organizational Commitment to Social Responsibility? *STEP 5 — Identifying Resources and Determining Urgency? *STEP 6 — Gaining Stakeholders Feedback? >SHAREHOLDER ISSUES *Core values *Shareholder participation in electing directors *Executive compensation *Legal compliance *Lobbying and political activities *Reputation management *Integrity in collecting and managing data *Supply chain relationships and human rights >FOUNDATIONAL VALUES FOR IDENTIFYING ETHICAL ISSUES *Integrity *Honesty *Fairness >SPECIFIC TYPES OF OBSERVED MISCONDUCT IN BUSINESS — ISSUES & DILEMMAS *Misuse of company time *Abusive Behavior *Lying to employees *Company resource abuse *Violating company internet use policies *Discrimination *Conflicts of interest *Inappropriate social networking *Health or safety violators *Lying to outside stakeholders *Stealing *Falsifying time reports or hours worked *Employee benefit violations *Sexual harassment *Fraud *Consumer Fraud *Financial misconduct *Insider trading *Intellectual property rights *Privacy issues >VOLUNTARY BOUNDARY, CORE PRACTICES, & MANDATED BOUNDARIES OF ETHICAL DECISIONS *Voluntary boundary *Core practice *Mandated boundary <>Laws Regulating Competition <>Laws Protecting Consumers <>Laws Promoting Equity and Safety >GATEKEEPERS AND STAKEHOLDERS *Accountants *Risk assessment *Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act <>Promote transparency <>Reduce conflict of interest <>lncrease accountability <>Creation of Public Company Accounting Oversight Board <>Auditor & Analyst Independence <>Whistle-Blower Protection

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