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FOR EACH in which you will includeThe methods and strategies you would use in order to perform the initial assessment.
Which diagnoses would you consider?
What is your case formulation? That is more comprehensive than just the diagnosis. For example let’s say you are considering ‘Major Depression” as a Diagnosis. Your case formulation may be something like this: “this patient has suffered significant recent loses in his life, and in the context of possible biological vulnerabilities (ie; history of maternal depression) and limited psychological resources he has developed a depressive condition”. In the case formulation you may also include possible interpersonal, psychoanalytic or existential dynamics if you consider them important.
What is your treatment plan?
What else would you have liked to know about this patient, which was not given to you in the case scenario, and you think it may have been very useful in order to reach a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan? your assessment, diagnosis and treatment recommendation.EXAMPLE:
First topic:  Methods and Strategies: This means the types of assessments or procedure you would use to get information on the patient.
For example: Interview patient, review record, etc.
Second Topic: Diagnosis:  Here you will put your primary diagnosis for example:
For Example: Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
In addition, I would like you to add any other Diagnoses to consider:
Panic Disorder, Simple Phobia, etc.
Third Topic:  Case Formulation: (I want two or three sentences at most).
For Example:  “ The patient’s anxiety is present in multiple settings and situations, following a period of intense stress. This anxiety has significantly impacted her social and professional functioning, leading her to seek help”.
Fourth Topic:  Treatment Plan:  Here I want you to list the types of treatment or interventions you would recommend (try to be as specific as possible). Make sure the treatment you recommend are treatments that typically are used for the diagnosis you gave to your patient. In other words, think about it and just don’t throw everything in there:
Example:      a. Relaxation Training
Insight-oriented Therapy
Fifth Topic:  What Else I would like to know: Here you will add any other information you would like to know about your patient, which may help you to formulate a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.
Medical history
Drug screen.
Interview family members
page, I would like for you to expand on the topics above, telling me for example how you arrived to the diagnosis and what other diagnoses you would consider and why; what is your treatment plan and reasons for it, what else you would like to do or know and/or or any other aspect you think is important for me to know. You may also discuss any particular interpersonal or intra-psychic dynamics pertaining to any of these two cases. Please no more than 4 or 5 paragraphs.

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