Why is human relations important to law enforcement/police?

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Identify and explain 10 most important topics listed below. The ones that have the week number and date will be the ones where I will provide a page or half of a page and you will just add to that, cite the week number and date when doing those. For the research, you do your own research and cite the source you used. For the case numbers just cite down the page numbers and the books title is “human relations and police work.” For the quiz topics I will provide documents and just add onto that as well. Requirements: Include cover page, number each page, have a cite page at end.

1) Police Discretion (research on your own)

2) Why is human relations important to law enforcement/police? (Week 2/Sept 5) 3) Letter of the law/Spirit of the law (Quiz #1) 4) PIO (public information officer) important to human relations (Week 3/Sept 12)

5) Deadly force and non deadly force (week 6/Oct 1) 6) 2 problems police chief will have to manage and how it will get resolved? (week 4/Sept 17) 7) Why is the S.A.R.A. (Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment) model important to policing? (Research) 8) Emotional intelligence in relation to law enforcement. (Quiz #4) 9) Case #7: To protect and serve (page 162-164) 10) Case #6: Different choices, equal protection (page 59-60)

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