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After reading Wilson’s Revolution for everyone chapter 4-6 answer the following.


Explain “This might seem like a heartwarming tale but there is a dark side.” (23)–Why does Wilson describe the behavior of the burying beetles as a heartwarming tale? (Note: he’s not entirely serious here. He doesn’t really think it’s heartwarming.) What’s the dark side?


In Chapter 4, pp 23-24, Wilson describes the method burying beetles have devised for reproduction and survival.
a. What do you think about the morality of these evolutionary tactics? Why?
b. Are humans different? Explain.


What’s Wilson’s main point in chapter 4? Explain the chapter title, “Prove It!

Read the following essay.

Why do you think Tannen titles her essay “The Triumph of the Yell”? Does she think this triumph is a good thing? How do you know? Quote and explain.

Who is Deborah Tannen? Google her and report on what you find, using a combination of paraphrase and direct quotation (No repetition, please; include URLs)
How does this background information influence your reading of her article? Be specific.





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