Women in the Workforce

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This paper is to be 2 PAGES LONG (not including a title page/heading or references page), include 3-5 citations from academic sources published as books or journal articles where at least one author must be a woman; nonacademic sources may be used but do not count toward this requirement. The interview should act as the case study and you will use the literature to explain, support, contradict, analyze, etc. what the interviewee says. This is worth 5 points:

  • 1 point is for the quality of your writing (remember there are resources available and listed in the syllabus if you need help—think back to my comments on your first paper);
  • 1 point is for meeting the technical requirements (page count, formatting, # of sources, and compliance with APA citation and reference rules); and
  • 3 points for the substance of your paper (how well you use the literature to support your claims).

Question: why women aren’t represented in top level management (the glass ceiling)? Also, talk about the gender wage gap (which includes the glass ceiling effect).

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