Women’s health/family planning

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Women’s health/family planning

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Focus Areas (pick one focus topic from the list) Be sure to review entire assignment located in Module One Remember your purpose is to uncover information that validates why this focus area should receive the inheritance of the fictitious estate. Your final presentation you will be expected to propose why this is an area that should receive funding or why it is sufficiently funded. Investigate and analyze the questions related to the focus area picked. You should also consider other aspects; the questions are meant as a guide in your quest. Based on your targeted population/ topic area, identify gaps in delivery of safe and quality care. Develop a recommendation based on your research and present your findings as a position paper. Papers should 4- 5 pages in length using headers. APA format, title page, reference page (within 5 years) not included in page count. Abstract not necessary. Topic: Women’s health/family planning 1. Women’s Health/Family Planning • What services are included in women’s health? • How/where do women receive healthcare in the U.S.? • How are women’s health services financed? • Briefly describe the public, private, and volunteer structures for women’s healthcare delivery in the U.S. • What percentage of the federal budget is allocated for women’s health programs? • What are the strengths, weaknesses and unique characteristics of women’s health issues? Useful Websites DHHS Women’s Health Index: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Kaiser Family Foundation: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality at cbdschool.com

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