Amazon Corporate Social Responsibility

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Outline book with regards to Amazon and its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), regarding Amazon Career Choice Program that pre-pays 95% of tuition for employees A Please upload a final paper 1500 words (5 pages) outlining the book and how it pertained to/helped you format your final paper. The book to read is Introductory Financial Accounting and Reporting– Barry Smith. ISBN-13: 978-0-33-524125-5 Book is free from websites: My final paper is going to be on Amazon and its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), regarding Amazon Career Choice Program that pre-pays 95% of tuition for employees. For REFERENCE my final paper assignment is: Students will complete a 3,000-4,200 word research paper that evaluates financial management concepts and practices of a specific not-for-profit, for profit, or government entity. The paper must detail how the selected organization’s financial manager uses its financial resources to communicate the socially responsible and sustainable initiatives of the organization and the financial manager’s role in assisting the organization to achieve those initiatives. The instructor must approve the selected organization. The five major categories discussed in the must be: Investment Decision Financing Decision Dividend Decision Sustainability Success Financial Results COURSE PAPER RUBRIC • Possess a clear overall thesis stated at the outset of the essay. It is clear what the paper sets out to do. The paper is consistent with the learning outcomes and competencies. • Synthesize the financial theories, books, articles, and threaded discussions of the semester through specific discussion of particular passages or quotes. The paper suggests very close reading of its sources. • Demonstrate an understanding of the nuances of each theory or text being discussed. • Critically examine claims made by authors rather than summarizing • Demonstrate some measure or originality or thoughtfulness of interpretation (the ability to think for oneself) • Demonstrate mastery of APA writing style and formatting guidelines correctly citing sources within the paper and in the reference section.

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